The historic Trattoria alla Laguna still pays tribute to its founder, the Widow Raddi in its name and sign. In 1938, after losing her husband, this charismatic and enterprising lady took over a small venue overlooking the enchanting harbour in Marano Lagunare and turned it into the paradise of fish specialities it is today. She did this with the help of her son, the unforgettable Commendatore Mirto Raddi, whose name and exploits are still fondly remembered by restaurant aficionados who often come from distant parts of Italy and even abroad to enjoy our cuisine.

In bygone times, the picturesque fishing village of Marano was a favourite meeting for the nobility of the Venezia-Friuli region. There aristocrats came here not only to go hunting in the lagoon but also to enjoy its gastronomic delights. At the end of the Second World War the lagoon also became a favourite haunt for Triestines who could no longer visit the old Italian territories annexed by Yugoslavia.  These were fun-loving connoisseurs, especially when it came to fish, and it is our pleasure to continue serving them today. In the boom years of the 1960s, the beaches in Lignano, Grado and Bibbione became extremely popular and this small fishing village began to attract actors, politicians, sports celebrities, artists and industrialists. And with them came numerous German and Austrian visitors. Our visitors book bears witness to all this with its historic collection of comments and signatures.

Today, a new generation runs the restaurant and maintains its important family traditions.   Signora Mara is Mirto Raddi’s daughter-in-law and together with the talented Chef Jari Driussi and her husband,  Decio, she presents a menu that combines classic local recipes with a series of exciting alternatives in line with current gastronomic trends. Over the years, this level of skill and dedication has been praised in countless travel, wine and food publications. The Vedova Raddi is also highly rated in numerous leading guidebooks who praise both its menu and wine list and in particular our excellent “house wine” produced by the nearby Bortolusso Winery.