The sound of boats and the whisper of flowing water is part of the unique atmosphere of the Trattoria alla Laguna – Vedova Raddi. The picturesque restaurant is part of the history of this small lagoon village whose natural diet has always been fish, from both the lagoon and the sea. In fact, the restaurant is situated right in the harbour, opposite the fish market, so customers can enjoy an exquisite lunch while watching the fishermen unload their catch. In summer the restaurant sets tables out in the small adjoining square and there are ample mooring places for anyone arriving by boat. The secret of our cuisine is to serve only fresh fish that is in season and to use high quality oil and simple cooking techniques. The specialities you can enjoy include breaded mussels, spider crab, lagoon prawns, sea bream tartare, raw scampi, Venus clams, scallops and local razor clams, fish soup, risottos, homemade pasta with scampi or mantis shrimp, soft-backed crabs, mixed lagoon and sea fish fry, baby squid, cuttlefish and spitted sea eel. And you can choose from either an à la carte or a set ‘taster’ menu. Our scenic dining space seats 40 people and is ideal for ceremonies and special events.

from 12.00 to 3.00 pm (for placing orders)
from 7.00 pm to 9.45 pm (for placing orders)

PHONE: 0431 67019
FAX: 0431 640921
email: vedova_raddi@yahoo.it 

in the winter on Friday on Saturday and on Sunday

on Mondays and on Sunday evenings too


SPECIAL REQUESTS: if informed in advance, we will be pleased to satisfy any special needs, such as food or gluten allergies. 

Well-behaved pets are welcome too.